Wee Poets:

Helps children develop reading, writing, public speaking and self-esteem and trains Teenagers as Television Technicians, alternatives to using alcohol, drugs and violence.

Girls, Inc. of West Contra Costa County:

Inspiring girls 6-18 years old to be strong, smart and bold by offering after-school programs, computer technology, economic literacy, entrepreneurial classes that empower girls to understand value and assert their rights.

Here is a link to a video from Girls, Inc of WCCC.

Please view a few of our videos on our website www.girlsinc-wcc.org

During the summer season, many young people experience learning loss. At Girls Inc., girls are engaged and challenged all-year long, helping increase their love of learning and improve their performance in school.

Celebrating 40 years of Inspiring all Girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold!

Flourish Agenda (formerly Leadership Excellence)

Our greatest source of potential power and effectiveness in working with young people is our ability to meaningfully connect to ourselves, and others. Through connection we build relationships that lead to learning, collaboration, community action and social change. However, in our work we often put tasks, strategies and skill building before relationship building. With fragile relationships, and without a clear sense of meaning and purpose in our personal and professional lives, we cannot build the interpersonal and collective power necessary to transform systems.

At Flourish Agenda we partner with schools, government agencies, and community organizations to provide transformative learning experiences that promote healing and well-being, and advance social change for urban youth.

We design culturally based transformative adult retreats, youth camps, curricula, and technology.  Our methodology is based on the Radical Healing model, which is grounded in over 25 years of research and practice by co-founder Dr. Shawn Ginwright. The Radical Healing model, facilitates healing and hope to create pathways for urban youth to flourish!

Youth Testimonial:

(The work of Flourish Agenda ) was fun and helped me to analyze who I am and do some soul searching.

Adult Testimonial:

This work allowed me to understand that you will never nourish the minds of your students until you nourish the soul of the students.

Lend A Hand Foundation:

LAHF empowers youth to stay in school through its various programs and services such as the annual back to school giveaways, scholarship fund and stay in school incentive program.

Health and Human Resource Education Center:







Flourish Agenda…formerly Leadership Excellence