The Bay Area Black United Fund (BABUF) is a non-profit regional intermediary located in Oakland, California. BABUF is a conduit of transformational change and community impact.


We are still here, after 35 years; we have a renewed purpose and new strategies for uplifting and elevating Black communities throughout the Bay Area.

  • We are taking a data-driven approach to bring effective, community-based solutions to more Black neighborhoods across the Bay Area
  • We are leading individuals to be advocates for their own health, and challenging organizations to create fair and appropriate, culturally competent systems in education, community, government and health care.
  • When you give to BABUF, you are helping us make a visible, measurable difference in Black communities across the Bay Area- establishing pathways to success for individuals and organizations alike.

We prioritize advocacy, partnership and collaboration, information, interpersonal change and the power of the critical mass to improve the quality of life of the Bay Area Black community.