What is a Health Conductor?

Are you an active Critical Mass Health Conductor? Share your experience and story with the Bay Area Black United Fund, our community, and other HCs. Email info@babuf.org for a chance to have your story posted on the Health Conductor’s Corner and in the Health Conductor’s Express Newsletter.

The HCX Program

The Health Conductor Xtreme (HCX) program was birthed from the Critical Mass Health Conductor program created by the Council of Elders and Bay Area African American Health Initiatives efforts. The need to address a younger population around health came as a result of reviewing the data from 9 years of CMHC program. WE ARE RECRUITING young adults 18-30 to be Health Conductors!

Health Conductors Make a Difference!

We are all over our communities making an impact on health in the Bay. How have you impacted your health, the health of your family or community? Here are stories of Health Conductors making a difference. Share your story.

Get involved!  Here is how you can connect with other Health Conductors and community members.

Healthy Tips from Health Conductors and other Black Health Advocates.

Discover what we are doing to save money, eat healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, and make the most of our time to exercise. The Bay Area’s best Health Advocates offer some the ways they help their clients and themselves stay healthy in such a busy world.

Health Conductor Meetups

Health Conductors are staying connected! Join or apply to start a group on our Health Conductor Meetup page. Find an event or group to go walk with, exercise, shop, cook with or just hang out. Bay Area Black United Fund is glad to host and support community gatherings between Health Conductors.  Find out what is happening here.

Health Conductor Partner Programs

We have some awesome partners! Find how these great organizations are helping African Americans in the Bay Area promote better health with Health Conductors.