Bay Area Critical Mass Health Conductors


Critical Mass Health Conductors

The Critical Mass Health Conductors (HC) program is the preeminent behavioral health modification strategy created by and for the Black community. Begun in 2005, HC recruits, educates and trains volunteers during a four month “class” utilizing an afro-centric curriculum. During the process, participants become empowered through self-awareness, group support and guidance from a trained “conductor” to embrace a personalized behavioral health modification strategy that becomes the framework for a life changing experience. Upon graduation, each participant receives a Health Conductor number that designates their “passage” into an empowered life of individual and community health advocacy. Over 900 Bay Area residents are Health Conductors.

The goal of this program is to recruit and train 4,650 African American health conductors in the Bay Area.

Health Conductor Xtreme (HCX)

Based upon the Health Conductor model, the new curriculum will focus on engaging a young generation, 18-30 years old, in a behavioral health modification with a health intervention and community leadership component. The goal of this Conductor model is to develop life changing behaviors and attitudes earlier to avert potential chronic disease conditions. The behavior modification will focus on both face to face and online strategies.


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