We prioritize our service to the Bay Area Black community by focusing on the critical issues that define the health and vitality of our region.


We focus on five key areas of community development that define our service to the region.

  1. Education – It’s the cornerstone of economic and social advancement.
  2. Health and Wellness – Physical and emotional health is the foundation of a long life.
  3. Violence Elimination – No community should live with neighborhood violence and it’s traumatic effect on the human condition.
  4. Black Men and Boys – We cannot stand on the sidelines and watch social genocide happen.
  5. Workforce Development and Economic Viability – Local businesses, grocery stores, training programs, etc. are essential to building our communities from within.

Our strategies for achieving community impact prioritize results over activities.

  • Advocacy – Leading and promoting the causes, issues and solutions.
  • Convening – Creating the space to keep the issues out front.
  • Direct Services — Designing, funding and implementing innovative afrocentric health programs.
  • Strategic Partnerships – Collaborating with institutions at the forefront of change who make impact.
  • Intermediary Services – Provide capacity-enhancing services that address the fiscal and administrative needs of community based organizations.
  • Communicating — Utilizing both on-line and traditional media strategies to ensure the Black issues stay relevant both inside and outside our community.

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