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Dear Black in the Bay Donor,

Join us on a journey to (re)create the Bay Are Black United fund into a health and well being regional intermediary dedicated to improved health outcomes for the Black community. It’s a big mission. Our strategy for improving our health comprises a series of mission-driven strategies and partnerships.

Some of the work we will do—communications, technical assistance, institutional organizing. Other work, like advocacy, organizing, social impact investment strategy will be done in partnerships with the brightest Black professional talent in the Bay Area and region. We invite you to learn more about both on this page and throughout the website. This is an exciting and challenging time. We invite you to invest in us, which is an investment in all of us, because we are Black in the Bay.

Most frequently asked questions of donors of the new BABUF–

How did you come up with the strategy for the new BABUF?

We conducted a strategic planning process in 2014 that defined our new mission.

That process concluded that our vision for a regional Black health missioned intermediary is needed to lead and build partnerships across the region that improve the health outcomes that achieve economic, education and neighborhood benefits—the essential components of a healthy life.

You can read more about the process and its findings in depth on our website. (

What are our four core strategies for facilitating health change in the Black community?

Communication (narrative change), technical assistance (system reform), community building (Black-led organizations) and work place campaign (social impact investment).  Read More

Will you partner with others to achieve the goal of improved health outcomes for the Black community?

Partnership will be the key to our success and improved health outcomes.

Whether you are an individual donor or philanthropic institutional donor, we seek partnerships for the journey to change the health of Bay Area residents. The decades of neglect-both inside and outside of our communities—will not be solved in the near term. It will take years to make sustainable change. But there are short-term gains we can make that will lead to long-term impact. We have begun some of that work with our technical assistance contracts with local health jurisdictions to develop culturally specific services and policies—essentially making policy change that redefines funding and services. That’s why we talk about partnerships and relationships, rather than donations and grants. We want all of our donors to see their investment, whether its’ through workplace campaign, grants, contracts or individual donations, as investing in BABUF, our partners and the community. If you are interested in partnering please send an email to

What are some of the examples of work you are doing to improve health outcomes and fulfill your mission?

As previously mentioned, we provide technical assistance to health jurisdictions to design culturally specific strategies and services to Black community. We believe we can identify and implement strategies that reduce and treat undiagnosed trauma, (re)define what is a healthy Black families, reduce circumstances that perpetuate youth system engagement and criminalization. Last year we commissioned and released the report Black-Led Organizations in the Bay Area: From Crisis to Change, a first of its kind analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing Black-led organizations in the Bay Area. Findings from the report are being used to develop a multi-million dollar pool of resources to support the capacity of BLO to remain effective in the face of shifting demographics and escalating costs in the Bay Area.

Beginning in 2017, we will begin commissioning the first of its kind, Portrait of Black California report. This report will look at the intersecting variables (neighborhood, employment, education, Black males, Black families, etc) of health as a basis for developing policies, narrative change, data and institutional organizing both in the Bay Area and throughout the state. Both these projects are examples of our leadership in the creation of data specific to the Black community. We are creating the space in the field to define our issues, as a basis for making community and systems change.

What is our goal?

We have several. Some are more immediate, others will take time. Our immediate goal is to continue our three-year journey to create a regional Black leadership organization that works in partnership with institutions of all kinds to improve the health and well being of the Black community.

We ask a simple question to public and private funders: “Are you getting to Black”? Our position is that most are not. Yes, there are investments in equity and diversity. But what our analysis has informed us (and probably your own experience) is that we are not seeing the specific benefit of these investments to low income Black residents. Our goal is to change that by first asking the question and then being able to partner with organizations to implement the solutions.

To achieve the near term goal we will continue to build the infrastructure of BABUF so we can achieve our mission. We will hire additional staff in the first quarter of 2017 to carry out the work we have developed in 2016.

We are currently engaged in projects in East Oakland and Western Addition in San Francisco. Both of these projects represent our mission to provide technical assistance to both health jurisdictions and Black-led organizations.

We will also work to implement the findings from the Portrait of Black California report which outlined working to increase funding for capacity building support for Bay Area Black led organizations.

In the long term, we will work to building infrastructure to create a donor circle social investment fund comprised of individual and corporate donors who want to become informed on the issues impacting the Bay Area Black community and then invest in those institutions, issues and leaders who can address them. We anticipate funding for this work in the first quarter of 2017 and are excited by the opportunity to connect our individual donors with our corporate donors to create a social investment pool specific to the needs of the Bay Area Black community.

We invite you to support our Black in the Bay campaign.