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Bay Area Black United Fund Releases a New Report on the State of Black-Led Organizations in the Bay Area

Black-led Nonprofits Threatened: Increased Demands, Insufficient Resources New Report on Lifeline to Vulnerable Communities Oakland, Calif. - As demands increase on Black-led nonprofit organizations to provide vital help to low-and-moderate-income communities, the resources and capabilities of those organizations have not kept pace. That is the conclusion of a new report…

What is Healing?

What is Healing? By Felicia Bridges  When I think of African-American Health, particularly as an African-American woman, I think of healing. I am in a constant state of healing. I am healing culturally from the weight of being African-American. The baggage that my identification carries is often torturous and packed…


What does it mean to be healthy? How do we take care of our health, and how do we contribute to the health of our communities? The "HealthistheNewBlack"  story campaign, a partnership between BABUF and Story For All (, will uplift the voices and images of a diverse range of…